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Educating students is one of the most important responsibilities of university instructors. They are supposed to equip students with the skills necessary in order for them to learn autonomously, to transfer their knowledge to new fields and contexts, and to begin their future professional careers. For this to happen, university teachers need to provide their students with descriptive, procedural, and metacognitive knowledge as well as with soft skills. Ultimately, teachers should motivate their students to continue their ongoing development and should support their students' autonomy. All of these requirements can be subsumed under the phrase "shift from teaching to learning".

In order to assist university instructors in these endeavors, LehreLernen offers a range of further education programs on higher education didactics. Those who are interested can take part in one-day higher education workshops in order to acquire knowledge in the areas of planning and conducting courses as well as in advising and examining students. In the "Compact Course Academic Teaching", those who have not yet taught any courses can develop and try out a course of their very own. In the certificate programs of "Teaching Qualification Basic" and "Teaching Qualification Advanced", instructors are given guidance in their currently ongoing courses and receive feedback and new input. By inviting you to take part in one of our various programs, we hope to have the chance to aid you in establishing and systematically developing a student-oriented competence in teaching in order to meet the requirements of the "shift from teaching to learning".

We sincerely invite you to have a closer look at our program.

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Evelyn Hochheim & the LehreLernen Team